Monday, July 16, 2007

Something and Something Else

I really should be going to bed, seeing as its 1:48 A.M. as I start to write this, but my intelligence starts to become limited at this hour (actually, it doesn't, usually) and so I lose the logic that should send me to sleep.

Anyway, earlier this evening I was at Matt's house working on a Catering Website. We made a nice little image gallery using PHP. It's really awesome and left me feeling pretty pumped.

When I was walking home at almost midnight, something funny happened:

I saw a guy in the distance, and then we passed, including a conversation something like "hey" "hey, whats up?" "not much, you?" "I'm not too bad". Now, that wasn't funny, but then he turned around and he was like "wait... where are you from?" and I said "uhhh... here?" because I've lived in this little town for most of my life, except for the last year at school. He was like "hmmm... I don't know you..." and I didn't quite recognize him either. It wasn't until I introduced myself that he realized who I was and that I finally figured out who he was.

Despite the darkness, it's not often that you aren't recognized in a small town you've lived in all your life. I guess that just shows how much I changed over the course of the year...