Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Back from Berwick

Ok, so I was off at a wonderful camp called Berwick for the last week, which (along with how intermittent my internet is at home (due to problems concerning wireless-N or lack thereof)) explains why I haven't posted in a long time.

Camp was great, it really was, even though it felt like it went by too quickly. I met tons of new friends, saw my old friends again, and I even managed to write 2 songs as well, one on friday night at about 2am (saturday morning technically) and the other in the car on the way home on Sunday. It was really funny, because midway through walking around composing the first song, I had a sort of "movie moment" and ran into Bruce Harding, the music leader at the camp

Both wonderful love songs, they will probably make me famous in the near future... =P
Actually, I do intend to find a way to publish some of my musical/lyrical works, but I'll need some sort of help for that (iTunes?) and I will also need to learn how to play guitar so that I can accompany myself when I sing them. Then I'm going to probably need some recording equipment slightly more complicated than I have now, but yeah, once I deal with those small things, I'll be famous!

I have almost an album's worth of songs I've written, but most of them are only really half-finished... =(

Also, something I said to myself this afternoon and decided to take note of because I liked it:
"having something really good happen to you is reason enough stop regretting past choices you've made, for they all led you to where you are now"

Ponder that!