Thursday, September 27, 2007

Climate Change - a recipe for disaster

This afternoon, our school was visited by a journalist named Gwynne Dyer. He told us all sorts of amazing facts and implications of impending climate change, and it was actually rather scary, and overwhelming at the same time. So overwhelming, in fact, that I briefly considered suicide, just so that I wouldn't have to deal with the things that will be happening globally in just a few decades. I then realized that then the world would have one less human to feed, and chuckled for a moment.

But I don't intend to commit suicide, nor should you. This world can still survive, it will just take the co-operative effort of everyone. I'm considering forming some sort of youth organization.... perhaps like the AYACC (Active Youth Against Climate Change). I'm not really sure.

I just strongly believe that my generation has to be aware of all of the implications of climate change, or else there won't really be many of us left.

I'm not sure exactly where I'm going with this whole thing, so I guess I just want to tell everybody to throw out their incandescent lightbulbs, and stuff like that.

Also, vote for your national Green Party, because politics wouldn't matter if we weren't around to complain about it.