Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Holidays and Multiculturalism

Ok, so, today a little bird (duck, to be precise) told me of a school where people aren't allowed to talk about Christmas. Or Halloween. This is because the school has people of other races/religions/cultures, and doesn't want to offend them by imposing santa or jack-o-lanterns upon them.

I'm sorry, but I personally believe this to be quite ridiculous. These people have come to live in Canada, and (like it or not) Christmas and Halloween are part of Canadian society, and our culture.

Imagine if I was to visit a foreign place, and the locals immediatly stopped performing any sort of holidays or customs that they would typically doing. I would be shocked and offended! While I will admit that this doesn't hold exactly the same slant for consumerist things like Halloween and Christmas, there is no reason for us to inhibit our own culture on the basis of those who enter our country.

Speaking of consumerism, however, perhaps we should halt Christmas and Halloween for other reasons.... ;-)