Monday, December 3, 2007

Boys, Girls, and Snow

Much as I would love to be studying for exams right now, I believe my blog takes preference, as I didn't write on it for the entire month of November. This is horrible!

Well. Clearly I've been keeping myself busy... although I'm sure there are more, here are some of the things I've done lately:

  • considered (and intended) to use the proper second-person singular pronoun in everyday speech, just for uniqueness and random fun
  • considered (and intended) to try speaking E-Prime for awhile (same reasons as above, and also just to see if I could do it)
  • spent far too much time on wikipedia, coming up with things like this
  • added more things to my to-do list than taken off... basically as a result of having a fair bit of free time, but not feeling like I have any. thus, I see something cool, and go "oh. i'll do that later when I have time". Hopefully I'll get most of them done over Christmas break
  • finished up a musical and theatrical production "The Pajama Game", with my role as Hines (leave a comment if you would like to purchase a DVD of the performance)
  • made more pipecleaner bracelets (comment if you want to purchase one of those too haha)
  • had a blissful epiphany (last Wednesday)
  • and many other things.....

Regarding the actual title of this post, it's just about the nature of guys and girls. It snowed here, for most of today (and I'm absolutely thrilled, because I love snow) so tonight, all of the senior guys were tossing (and dragging) their favorite girls into the snow. It amuses me greatly, because the girls are complaining, but they're the ones who come downstairs and tease the guys enough to be tossed in. This isn't irony on their part, or stupidity, it's based around the false assumption that girls dislike everything they complain about.

Simply, this is not the case - girls often complain just as much or more about things that they actually enjoy greatly. This is because if they made it seem like they wanted to be tossed in, they wouldn't be, and that would be no fun at all. Girls would be tossed in three times, complain after each one, and go back for more, because every time is like a trophy. It shows that shes attracts the males enough for them to want to toss her into the snow.

I could rant for hours about this sort of thing, I really could, but I've gotta get some sleep now, because I have exams this week (although mostly easy ones).

Also, just moments ago, I just had a genius idea! The ability to read and leave comments directly from a feed reader.