Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I AM dissatisfied with that LEGENDary movie

I went with the people from my residence to see I Am Legend last night, and while the acting was amazing and the scenes beautifully played out, a couple things just seemed utterly illogical to me:

  • The mutated beings are completely sensitive and vunerable to UV light, and yet all that Robert Neville has outside for defense is normal lights and some pretty sweet explosives. He could have carried around a portable UV light with him, and it would have been more effective than any gun. He could have had a tiny UV light with him behind the glass when he is trapped near the end, and he would have been able to melt the guys smashing into the glass. The power of ultraviolet was utterly not utilized, and it annoyed me.
  • The other thing I found frustrating was how many human traits the infected starting exhibiting shortly after Neville reports that all human traits have ceased. For example:
    • The mutants clearly communicate like crazy with each other, then all attack at the same time. This is not exactly typical animal behavior...
    • One of the mutants climbs the lamppost and leans over to smash into Neville's car. An non-human probably would not think of something like that.
    • The crazy leader guy who yells too much and is much too invincible (can animals instinctively dodge bullets?) holds some dogs and then releases them. Beasts certainly don't do that.
  • Thirdly, how does having an increased metabolism and maybe some extra adrenaline enable the super-fast climbing of walls? This is an ability displayed by the mutants during the attack on Neville's house, but it is hardly explained. If humans were able to climb insanely well just by taking in adrenaline, we'd have all sorts of daredevils doing it and making the news all the time.
Despite my complaints, this was still a decent movie, but there were some clearly obvious flaws in the reasoning of the directors and the characters that irked me the entire time. Despite these, it was still a touching movie.