Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Notebook and Me

Lately (when I remember) I've been carrying a notebook around with me everywhere so that if I think of something witty or interesting or inspiring I can write it down and perhaps post it here. I also will usually announce whatever it is that I've thought about, which leads people to consistently tell me that I have such a random/crazy/awesome mind.

The first person to say this was probably Alastair, who realized it last year sometime before I had actually become completely insane. He has a blog of his own over at some crazy rants of his (likely not updated recently) and there are some "adult words", which is fine because he talks about things that wouldn't make sense to kidlets anyway. So, last year, I had told him something really intriguing, which we think was something like (in a gymnasium): Have you noticed how the different lines lay on top of each other, and the less important ones have to break apart and "go underneath". I went on to say which ones were on top, and be interested in whose job it was to decide (and choose the colours). He was just rather astonished and told me, "Malcolm, you have a really interesting mind."

Since then, I have always been on the prowl for new and exciting things. I take pride in noticing things that pass other people by, and considering who is responsible. Often I wonder what it would be like to be that person - for example, the person who designs the layout for sports games on TV, showing who is being substituted on and off, counting down the time, and things like the big swirly things for the Olympics and such. I always thought that would be a really neat profession.

Anyway, that's me, the author of Obfuscatism, and that's where most of the crazy thoughts I post on here come from.