Monday, January 21, 2008

Site for Papers

I think it would be absolutely genius (in fact, I am quite seriously considering doing this myself) to have a website where students (of any level) could post any papers online. The papers could then be rated or reviewed for multiple elements like style and accuracy. Papers found to be accurate could be used as grounds for research, although certainly not exclusively. They would at least help people with main points of a topic.

This website would provide an outlet for all those word documents which would otherwise have absolutely no value the day the assignment is printed and handed in. Drafts could be posted before the due date and peer-reviewed. While people would freak out about plagiarism, I still think this would be a good idea, and there is nobody to stop it as long as there is a disclaimer that states that all rights remain with the author. It would likely be necessary to login to access any papers at all, which would mean it would be trackable who had looked at what. Some weird viewer could potentially prevent people from copying the text to use for their own papers.