Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Love is both the most pleasurable thing and the most painful. Loving and being loved can make you happy, but losing it brings tears otherwise unimaginable.

Love is when you want to be with somebody no matter what. It is that undeniable urge for his or her presence.

Love can be very inspiring and motivating, sometimes too much as it can overwhelm common sense.

The phrase 'love is blind' refers to how love doesn't choose itself logically. It often happens extremely inconveniently, which is frustrating.

Love can only be maintained through acts of love. It can only live and grow when nourished with loving gestures.

Love is an amazing and beautiful combination of mutual respect, mutual adoration and mutual understanding.

Alternatively or in addition, listen to the four types of love according to Lewis Carroll... described by Peter Davison http://peterdavison.ca/ <-- its in the bottom left