Wednesday, February 20, 2008

STEP over there and turn the volume UP so we can hear the movie

Last friday, I saw the movie Step Up, and this evening I watched Step Up 2 (the street). Both were excellent. I would say the dancing was better in Step Up 2, but the original had a much better plot. Step Up 2 was really cheesy and was a typical kind of victim-to-victor story. Step Up, however, was actually rather unique - a sort of modern, enhanced Dirty Dancing. Both are certainly worth watching, and more than once.

Something else I noticed was a strange connection with the film Billy Elliot, which I had to watch for my drama class. The feature that Billy performs in at the very end of the movie is shown on a poster in MSA in Step Up 2. In fact, the poster is said to be of the character's older brother! This completely does not follow the Billy Elliot storyline, but it is neat to see the overlap.