Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The Story of Stuff is a short (20 minutes or so) video by Annie Leonard. The video is extremely comprehensive and easy to understand. It's one of those videos that kinda makes you feel disgusted for being in Western consumerist society, but at the same time it's a call to action. The Story of Stuff really speaks out about how much we're using, how it's unneccessary and how it's more than our share.

Clicking on the resources link below the video will give you many different ideas and suggestions for improving the situation of "stuff" in the world. My favorite of all of these is EPR: Extended Producer Responsibility. This would be a law mandating that companies are essentially resposible for the disposal of their products, mostly to the extent that if the products were manufactured with toxic materials, the company would be in charge of getting rid of those toxins.

So, go watch it... then stop being consumery!