Tuesday, March 4, 2008

From a Twin Point of View

Earlier this evening, somebody was talking about a movie where the entire thing is told from four different peoples' points of view. It was something about stopping terrorism, but not a documentary. Around the same time as this happened, somebody else said the word twin and I had a really interesting thought:

Do one of those weird point of view movies, but have two of the characters (there could be others) be identical twins. If you kept names out, or used "Mr. Jingleheimer" or something, the audience would assume that it was the same person who had some sort of multiple personality disorder. Then, sometime midway through the movie, reveal somehow that it is in fact twins!

I think this would be a very effective dramatic device - somewhat the opposite to dramatic irony, as the characters would not be at all confused but the audience would be completely beguiled. At any rate, its a more interesting concept than my last idea for a movie.