Saturday, March 8, 2008

Music Writing for Stress Relief (life as a musical?)

This afternoon and evening, I spent most of my time writing the lyrics for some tunes for a musical that I'm working on with Sean from Figgy's Fascinations. He had an idea to make what is essentially "High School Musical without the sugary disney crap."

We finished a song about Mondays, then started a number that is two characters having a massive fight. This lead to much amusement as we thought of how silly life would be if people actually broke into song to have an arguement. It truly would be amazing if life was a musical... not that that's an original thought, but still.

We found writing the songs extremely fulfilling and satisfying. I recommend poetry to anybody who wants to relieve stress.

I also realized while typing the url to Sean's blog that the letters from spot can be anagrammed to form:

  • tops
  • pots
  • stop
  • post
  • opts
Getting 6 words from 4 letters is pretty crazy. I challenge you all to find another word as promiscuous as that one.

Also earlier today, I experienced a feedback loop where I started laughing, then I was laughing at how I was laughing ("Ho, ho, ho" actually) then I started laughing at that, then at how funny laughing is anyway. I was hysterical at the end, and Sean thought I was nuts.