Friday, March 7, 2008

Not Connected

I am severly frustrated with whoever is responsible for Windows XP having a connected status of Not Connected. When the fellows at Microsoft were developing the wireless network manager, they decided that one way a computer could be connected to the internet is to not be connected.

Allow you to lead you through a short story. I arrive at my father's condo, stay overnight and wake up happily today. I turned on my computer this afternoon to check my vitals, but was promptly greeted with this screen.

Note that the boldened status is typically used by Windows to denote that it is Connected, Acquiring Network Address, or Verifying Identity with that network. However, some fool decided that if your computer tried and failed (usually for me caused by problems with Wireless-N) to connect to a network, that this should count as being connected. Of course, you aren't actually connected, so they need to use Not Connected. Here's the worst thing...

If you click on the network, the Disconnect button activates. Click on that, and the above appears. Now, wait a minute - how are you supposed to disconnect from something you aren't connected to in the first place? After "disconnecting", the manager decided it was now Not Connected to the admour1 network. I click on bruce to try to connect to it again, and it tried for awhile...

After this screen for a minute or so, my computer returned to looking like the first one - still Not Connected - and I was rather frustrated. My virus program then popped up informing me that it had just updated my virus definitions - which requires internet, of course. I promptly went to my browser and went to my favorite webcomic XKCD, which loaded fine. Google Talk then told me what new emails I have, but my computer still thinks it is Not Connected.