Saturday, March 15, 2008


I've been really super busy with web design type stuff lately, so haven't managed to post. Shame on me. Anyway, heres something I have laying around that I wrote and it's kinda neat.

and as we near, we near even more. exposed to things, we become like them. we take on their traits. we believe them. spending time around things makes us tied stronger to them, and it influences our thoughts, so that we are oriented towards them. everything we think is thought with relevance to what we are oriented by. even when we think of something that has nothing to do with our current orientation, we suddenly come up with a reason why it does. if we are not in the prescence of the thing or person of our focus, we will then switch to a new orientation, based on what we are now surrounded by.

this also holds extremely true with love, on both ends:

if we are around someone for a long period of time, we grow closer to him/her, and likewise, if out of his/her presence for a long period of time, we will find ourselves first becoming lonely, and then eventually caring less. The loneliness is caused by the confusion of being oriented toward someone, and then having him/her not be there anymore. after awhile, we are used to not being near this person, and the loneliness (usually) decreases.

on the other end (going along with the second section of the first paragraph) people whom we love influence our decisions. the stronger the love, the stronger the influence. this can be extremely confusing, especially when we realize that we are being influenced and wonder if that person really matters to this decision.