Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Love Time Travel

Environmental Systems class today:

We were talking about plate tectonics, and how the north and south poles of the earth are likely to switch any time.

Brin: "So, like, it could happen tomorrow?"
Mr Dick: "Any time - it could happen today... it could happen last monday if you get the time machine working again"
Me: "What, he broke it?"
Mr Dick: "Yes, we told you that last week, but you forgot."
Me: "No, you just haven't told me last week yet."

I love spontaneous improv. See, improv where you get up on stage doesn't truly count in my opinion, because it's structured, planned, improvisation. Real improvisation can happen at any moment, as long as theres at least two people. Do something like that by yourself and they put you in the loony bin.