Friday, April 4, 2008

200mL.... or more — a juice-pack investigation.

Both of these containers purport to contain 200mL of juice/soy beverage. Please excuse the low quality of the photos, but all I have to work with here is a webcam. Anyway, you should be able to see in this one that the Natura Soy is slightly wider than the Five Alive.
Because they are the same would expect the Five Alive to be slightly thicker. In fact, the opposite is true:
These containers both contain 200mL of juice, so one must assume either that Five Alive is lying and actually contains less (which is unlikely because food associations are really picky about that sort of thing) or that the Natura one has empty air space, and their package is slightly too large. Okay, we can accept that.

But, why? Both containers come from Tetra Pak® and Natura is an organic company. Tetra Paks are among the most vile containers as far as decomposing goes — they are made up metal, plastic, and paper. Why would an organic company purposely pay more for a larger container, when that container is going to contain the same amount as another container that Tetra makes?