Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Born Again

The afterlife. Hmm? We don't know if there is an afterlife and if so, what it's like. Thus the following post is merely humorous speculation.

Buddhists say that there is no afterlife, but that we're just born again (correct me if I'm wrong). But, what good is that if we don't remember previous lives? Well, what if we in fact get born again into an alternative universe, where everybody has lived at least once, and probably a few have lived multiple times. That world would be a completely different place from here, because children would start out with knowledge and morals. Or, maybe their old memories gradually return as they grow older, either at the same rate or a faster rate.

Previous lives would be a part of this land's culture, and great effort would almost certainly be spent trying to track down the new bodies of famous old souls. Fathers could reunite with their sons and daughters, while themselves being only the age of their great-grandchildren. People could continue somewhat down the path of their old life or start a new one, as they pleased.

After awhile of being born again in this second world, all of the souls might then travel to a third, and so on. Or not. Perhaps they just stay at this other world. Ours might only be a precursor to the true reality beyond. But like I said, we will never know. Or at least, nobody here will.

For anybody curious, this idea sprung up after I muttered "You only live once" while grabbing a brownie even though I had said I wouldn't have any chocolate until my complexion improved a little.

It would be interesting to write a novel about this idea, perhaps even so epic that it concerns somebody breaking through, back into this world, or somebody who had lived a few times in the other world suddenly being born back here.