Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Coca-Cola — why a drink?

As I am sure you already know, and as can be seen even clearer here, the popular Soft Drink Coca-Cola has many many useful properties beyond just being a beverage. In fact, it is touted as being the "best" at many things: unsplipperying floors and cleaning old frying pans, curing "the trots" and hiccups, and even removing hair dye and tanning.

So... what about all the competing products? Why aren't they as good? one would think that they would be, seeing as they were actually design for that purpose. I mean, what was the likelihood that somebody would stumble upon a household cleaning chemical while trying to make a drink? Okay, that's fairly likely. How about a self-tanner? Not very likely. Even weirder? What was the likelihood that somebody would discover that, and then proceed to market and sell the product as a drink.

My rant for the day. I just think its extremely odd that one product has so unbelievably many accidental uses, and more importantly that the product consistantly outperforms those that are actually intended for such use. It's surprising that no other companies have stumbled across Coke's formula by accident.