Saturday, April 5, 2008

Driver Training

This evening, my Dad thought he'd take me for a little drive, because I'm 16 now, and, well, that's what's done. He drove my grandmother's nice Honda Civic Hybrid out some distance and then into a seemingly-deserted parking lot. He stopped, and we chatted for a few moments, but no sooner had we switched seats when a military truck arrived...

...with a yellow sign on the back saying "Driver Training". We immediately cracked up, but then we saw another one. A second truck following, also with a "Driver Training" sign. Although the parking lot wasn't very large, we decided that I would do some driving around - once the trucks had stopped and parked over to the side (the army men got out in combats and were talking about stuff). I drove for a short while before a third truck appeared. (Its sign said "Student Driver" on it rather than Driver Training)

It was hilarious! -a comic relief sort of thing. Anyway, we drove in the parking lot for a bit and then finally noticed they were gone. They must have gone to do their training somewhere else...


Coach License

January 10, 2012 at 7:45 AM

It seems that you enjoyed your training part, if your father is good trainer then it's fine otherwise you should join a training institute to learn the safe driving skills.