Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hot and Cold and Juuuuust Right

Allegory Time!

You're filling a bucket. You want the water to be a nice warmth not scalding or freezing. You have a tap that has one faucet and two adjusters amount of hot and amount of cold (like most taps today). You turn the cold tap on a bit, then realize that you need some hot as well, so you turn on the hot tap. It is then too hot. At this stage, you have two options: you can either turn down the hot one a tad, so that the water coming out is just right, or you can crank up the cold tap. If you do the second one, you'll likely soon find that once again, the temperature isn't right and you need to raise the hot. This would hypothetically continue until the water is spraying everywhere!

The moral of the story is that overcompensation is not the best way to balance things. If you have a scale that you're trying to balance, and you keep loading more on each side, eventually the scale will break from all of the weight. To properly balance things, you must take about as much off each side as much as you put on.

Balance is the key to everything, for if it is upset, everything is suddenly gone...