Thursday, May 1, 2008


Every now and then, I feel like Jesus. Once it was because I felt sort of like "What thou dost unto others, thou dost also unto me" but normally it is because I describe everything with parables. An excellent example:

Today in chemistry class, Mr. MacInnis was explaining to somebody how when making dot diagrams, the electrons won't go beside each other unless theres so many that they have to. I turned around and remarked to the fellows behind me how this is exactly the same as guys at urinals. Normally, my relating would be done to help the person understand, but it was a girl, so she wouldn't have got the urinal thing anyway. All of you guys out there understand though, I'm sure.

I come up with probably five or more of these a day, on average, although many don't fit quite as perfectly. If I notice any more particularly well-done parables though, I'll put them up here.