Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Particle that Wasn't... right?

Today in Chemistry, I noticed an empty spot on a very simple chart that can be made regarding sub-atomic particles. There is the (nearly) weightless negative electron, the heavy neutral neutron and the positive, heavy proton. There is, however, no particle that has neither charge nor weight.
I propose there is. I also propose that we'll virtually never be able to find it, because it is so tiny and isn't attracted to anything. In fact, one would wonder why it would ever stick to anything at all, except neutrons do and they don't have a charge. Still, I bet that out there in the universe somewhere there exists a particle that isn't any good at all.

Having discovered this particle (moreso than anybody else I know of, anyway) I'm going to name it – the naughton! I'll let you all know if I ever actually get a hold of one.