Monday, May 5, 2008

A Random Description of a November Day

The day was restless; grumpy clouds traversed the sky, anxiously wishing to be elsewhere. The sky was dark but the air was light. Buildings made a sharp silhouette against the blur of the clouds. Their colours took a holiday, yet those of the trees were prouder than ever. Green, orange, and yellow in between; the colours refused to blend together, so they all stood out individually. The wind was intermittent, and the air was strangely warm. It had reached the time of year when the leaves remaining in the trees equaled to their fallen comrades in number. None could say, however, which leaves had more energy, as those on the ground were blown at least as much as those in the trees. The world was patiently awaiting something, but it refused to reveal its intentions. A few raindrops fell casually from the clouds, because they had no reason to stay. Apart from a slight swaying in the trees, nothing changed. The sky had decided that we would have no sunset this evening, merely darkness. Despite how the clouds tried to race away, there was an infinite supply waiting on the horizon. A few birds soared in giant circles, as if trying in vain to create a hurricane...