Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Story About a Chair

once upon a time
there was a chair
the chair was blue
both in colour, and in nature
see, this chair didn't want to be blue
the chair didn't even want to be a chair
people were constantly sitting on it
and it was tired of it all
the only friend the chair had who was worse off was the toilet
people sat on him too
and he was really tired of dealing with their crap
one day the blue chair decided he would go on an adventure
he leaned forward on his front legs and began rocking back and forth
"this isn't any good" he thought "I'm not going anywhere"
the chair stopped and stood still for a moment
then, it swung one side of itself forward
then the other
and again
and it was moving!
"I'm off!" he thought with excitement
the chair tottered in this way for nearly half an hour when it suddenly came to a set of stairs
there were stairs going up and stairs going down
"i cant climb stairs" thought the chair
throwing care into the wind, the chair leapt the other way instead, and tumbled down the other stairs
the light was on in the basement, and the chair looked around
right on the nearest shelf was a big can of paint
but the paint was black
"black isn't a real colour" said the chair
"white isn't either" he said, looking to the next can
he hoped the third can would be a colour
it was! but it was blue
it was a slightly different shade than the chair, but it was still blue
the chair was still sad
"grrr" he muttered, trying to imitate the family dog
he tottered farther into the basement to see if he could find a brighter shade of paint
instead, he came across an old yellow sofa
the sofa was very bitter
"hey blue-bottom! what are you doing down here?"
"I've come to make myself not be blue anymore!" cried the chair
"not blue? are you kidding? blue is such a nice, pure, colour.... my yellow upholstering is faded and dull. i would absolutely love to be blue"
"but I'm sad"
"you're blue"
"I'm sad. the only thing that could possibly make me happy is to not be blue anymore"
"kiddo?" the sofa regarded the chair curiously "if theres one thing i know - and there likely isn't, but regardless - if theres one thing i know, it's not to base your happiness off of only one thing"
the chair was interested, but didn't quite understand. he asked "why not? everything else in my existence is fine, but i cant be happy while I'm blue"
"are you ever happy?" the sofa replied
"well, sometimes. i like it when the evening sun pours golden light through the window and all around...." he relaxed and reveried "sorry, he added as an afterthought. i guess you never see the sun"
"not anymore, kiddo, not anymore"
the sofa paused
"but it's, that makes you happy? the beautiful contrast of the golden sun with your deep blue?"
"and you turn slightly greenish, but a good shade?"
"but if you were purple, say, and always happy, would the golden sun still matter?
the chair thought for a moment
it rocked back and forth
"....purple and yellow don't mix at all...."
he continued thinking
"and... if i was already happy, it wouldn't matter if the sun shone in the window"
"aha" said the sofa
"what do you mean?" asked the chair
"you just said it yourself"
"said what?"
the sofa was slightly amused "you just said that if you were made a new colour, one of your main sources of happiness would be gone"
"but you wouldn't have anything to compare your perpetual happiness to. you would never know if you were happy because you'd only be one way"
the chair was beginning to understand
"so, i need to be blue sometimes in order to be happy other times?"
"you got it, kiddo!"
the chair turned toward the grandfather clock that was sitting in the corner
"what time has sunset been lately.... have you seen it from the top of the stairs?"
the clock was covered in dust
it finally spoke
"the sun is going to set when that little hand on my face gets up to the top
which is in only a few minutes"
with his new knowledge, the chair turned back to the sofa
"one more thing?" he asked
"how do i get back up the stairs?"

(The story was written linearly and spontaneously. My friend wanted me to tell her a story over instant messaging, and I typed this out on the spot, line by line. The story took about half an hour, and even ended up with a moral (that I had not decided upon when I started.)