Thursday, June 5, 2008

Why Linux Is Awesome

Way too late the other night, I was sitting at my desk and on my linux (Ubuntu Hardy) and I made an observation that I often make, which is that the SD Card icon is wrong. Well, at least, it's wasn't the same as mine. GNOME does two cool things (well, two that are relevant): the first is to make little icons of storage devices appear on the desktop when they are plugged in... that's not too exciting. However, GNOME also lets you choose the size for icons (it uses png files). Quite awhile ago, I downloaded an iPod Shuffle icon from PngFactory to use for my iPod, but I was always irked by how the generic SD Card icon didn't match mine (it was red and black and 128MB) so I got out The GIMP and (with great difficulty) made an icon to look like my card. Then I took a video! (there's no audio)

(My blog's first video post, just for the record)