Sunday, May 11, 2008

Youth Discipline and Male Camaraderie

I recently read a book called Why Gender Matters by Leonard Sax. It was an extremely interesting and intriguing book, and I could barely put it down - I finished a few hundred pages in about a day. It discussed a whole bunch of fundamental differences between boys and girls, and how they should be raised differently and taught differently.

One of the most powerful sections, in my opinion, is the one that presented a simple study that had shown that teenage males who spent time with other generations of men had far far greater respect for everything but especially women. This lead me to wonder, today, as I sat waiting to audition for a men's choir (I was successful, for the record) whether it would be a practical idea to somehow put juvenile delinquents in such a situation. What I mean is that instead of just forcing hours of community service on younger offenders, get them into a situation where they will learn respect, rather than learning resent.

Would this change anyone? I'd like to hope so.