Monday, February 2, 2009

Know Your Dating Discrimination Rules - They're not all the same!

I have come to realize there are certain strange societal rules about choosing dates or partners that apply only to physical appearance or race, which are completely the reverse for religion:

Physical Features:
It's okay to say "I really like blonds" or "I love Asian chicks" (well, the second one only sort of). It is not, however, okay to say "I won't date black girls" or "I could never go out with a redhead".

Religion (OTOH):
It's okay to say "I couldn't date a Catholic" or "I'm not allowed to go out with anyone who's Buddhist". It isn't okay to say "I think I'd like to date a Jew" or "It would probably be really fun to go out with her - she's Muslim".

Naturally, this isn't true absolutely, but it seems that for physical traits, we are only allowed to discriminate positively, and for religion, we're only allowed to discriminate negatively (the exception being for sameness: "He's Taoist just like me"). This all makes sense when you think of the history of each, but it's interesting to ponder.