Thursday, March 5, 2009

Don't Give Me That Attitude! ...or, Mood... just... Cheer Up!!

This morning, some people from Acadia came to our school to do a short presentation at our assembly. They got up and said "How's everybody doing this morning?" ...and we mumbled "Good..." so they (like people seem to do) asked again "Let's try that again - how are you all doing this morning?" Now, we weren't doing any better, but we answered a little louder just to appease them so they'd continue with their presentation.

There are a few neats points that can be derived from this. The first kind of goes back to something I've often pondered, which is the casual "I'm fine". However they aren't quite the same, because what happened today was designed to actually alter our attitude and make us energetic, whereas the casual "How are you?" is more of a normalcy checker. (If things are not absolutely terrible or strange, you'll answer "fine" or "good".

At first I groaned when they did this, but then I realized that (perhaps unwittingly) there was a life lesson contained in what they said:

You can choose your attitude/mood.

As tired as we may have been this morning, we still could be extremely awesome. I mean, really, we're alive! We have no justification for not having an awesome day! There really is no valid excuse for answering "Good..."

So next time somebody does that, answer extremely energetically, and you may fine that it will actually cheer you up, and maybe your friends too. It's a great reminder that you can always have an awesome day if you want to. (...and really, why wouldn't you want to have an awesome day?)

(Also, did you know that saying "eee" out loud makes your body think it's smiling and makes you happier?)