Sunday, January 10, 2010

Do you eat to live or live to eat?

Some people don't really like food. They eat only because failure to do so would be unhealthy and ultimately dangerous. However, they miss out on the joys that mindful eating can provide.

Other people absolutely love food, almost to the point where it could be said that they basically live only for eating. At any rate, they spend a great deal of time looking forward to their next meal, or snack. Looking forward to things all of the time won't make you happy.


Eating only to live, or living only to eat is missing the point of both activities. Food isn't enjoyable when it's just to keep you alive, and life isn't enjoyable when spent in pursuit of something (in this case, food).

What we must do, rather, is eat to eat, and live to live. Both activities certainly contain enough awesomeness that they can be fine on their own. In fact, eating becomes much more pleasurable if you see it not as being a means to an end (nourishment) but as being the end itself. Eat to eat.

And life? How could life be more amazing than when it is lived simply to live. Living for anything other than life is missing the point of life. Life is not, first and foremost, a means to an end, but is that end.

The best way to live life is to live it. I mean, it sounds obvious when said like that, but so often we forget and think something else is more important in life than life itself.