Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Different Greetings for Different Meetings

I read recently that the word Hello came into usage with the telephone. That is, it originated as a telephone greeting. That seemed reasonable to me, as it is the most common greeting one hears on the phone. Today, while greeting a friend in instant messaging, I said "Hey", and then it struck me that Hey is the most common greeting for chat. I wondered if other mediums had their own general greetings, then thought about letters: Dear. Emails don't really have one single main greeting - I've found those who grew up writing letters often say "Dear", which sounds absurdly formal to the rest of us.

I thought it was neat how we have certain customs for certain media, and even though they are somewhat unofficial, we stick to them nonetheless.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Smoothie Dispenser

There should be smoothie dispensers. I don't want cola from a pop machine, or chips from one of those snack machines. I want a smoothie.

Picture a machine about the same size as the aforementioned ones. You approach it, select a size and insert your money. You pick 2-5 ingredients (and possibly some supplement powder or something to add too) and—before your very eyes—the machine combines the various fresh (and frozen) fruits and blenderizes them until they are a smoothie. The liquid is poured into a cup which you can then take and enjoy.

How awesome would that be?