Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beating Fear Of Rejection

Ha. Here's a funny idea.

Have some sort of thing in opposite-sex friendships where both people periodically submit a piece of paper to a third party (who potentially could not even know the people, if they're afraid of word getting out or something) describing whether or not they have romantic (or otherwise complicated) feelings for each other. Then the third party responds one of two ways: if both are interested, both are notified "just say it!" in some way or another so that they don't waste time being awkward and trying to hide their feelings. if either (or both) are just feeling platonic-ness, then the report says "romance no-go" or "let's just be friends!".

The third party could even just be an internet form of some sort or another that would have little tick boxes then would submit an automated response to the participants based on the responses. Either way, this would help eliminate the whole fear of rejection thing that normally accompanies telling somebody you like them.

[extract from an email to a friend]